Benefits of Hiring a REALTOR® for Your Home Sale

Dated: December 1 2020

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I thought I would point out some of the many ways a Realtor will help you have a successful and profitable home selling experience.

1) Exposure
The majority of serious buyers are already working alongside a buyers agent. It is incredibly important to have your listing show up on the LOCAL Real Estate Board so that it gets into the hands of these serious buyers.

2) Market Knowledge
The listing price you choose has a HUGE impact on the sale price of your home. It is incredibly important to hire someone who will be able to properly estimate the value of your home and list it at the right price from day 1. This is only possible if you have access to all of the market statistics... remember, not all homes sell at the price they are listed at.

3) Relationships
Realtors know other realtors who may have potential buyers for your property. They may also have a few qualified buyers in their contact list.

4) Marketing
This goes beyond social media and kijiji. If you list with a professional, advertisements for your home will be circulated in every possible place that buyers are looking. To name a few - Agents personal website, brokerage website, national corporate website AND every other professional brokerage and corporate websites.

5) Helpful Advice 
What renovations should I do to have the best payoff? What are buyers really looking for? What do I do to prepare for showings? What improvements are a waste of my time and money? A Realtor will help you navigate all of your tough questions.

6) Peace of Mind and Security
If you list with a Realtor, potential buyers won't see who lives in the home until they write an offer... Do you really want strangers to know your address? Realtors keep you protected with the right terms, conditions and clauses in your offer so that you don't fall into a bad situation unknowingly. 

8) Time
A Realtor will handle all phone calls, paperwork, showings and emails for you and only contact you when something is important and worth your time!

If you have any questions about what I specifically offer sellers, please feel free to reach out! I would love to help you make your real estate dreams come true!

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Emily Cerilli

Emily got her start in the Real Estate industry in 2017 as an office administrator at Royal LePage North Heritage Realty, later obtaining her own real estate license in 2018. Through her in-depth mark....

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Benefits of Hiring a Realtor for Your Home Sale

I thought I would point out some of the many ways a Realtor will help you have a successful and profitable home selling experience.1) ExposureThe majority of serious buyers are already working

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